'Sheriff' Larry Montgomery

Larry Montgomery was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana.  After graduation from High School, Larry was approached by Penthouse Magazine to do a cartoon series for them. He declined the job but instead chose to attend Louisiana Tech University studying architecture design.

After moving to Franklin, TN, Larry would travel often to Leipers Fork to browse antique shops.  Upon meeting local merchants, the Montgomery family decided that Leipers Fork was where they wanted to live. Since moving to Leipers Fork, Larry has been known as the 'Sheriff' of the community, volunteers 'in character' for various events and is one of the founding members of Jailhouse Industrys. 

Larry is a full time watercolor artist, and does commission work for local individuals. Larry is also the artist of the Leipers Fork building murals, which are now reproduced as postcards and selling in the village. Larry, the actor, has performed in several feature films shot in various southern locations.